The AIS Guide to Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plans*

*Published independently by AIS. Not affiliated with or sponsored, endorsed or approved by the BlueCross BlueShield Association or any of the independent Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies.

News and Data on the Plans, the People, the Markets and the Strategies

Independent research and reporting on the most powerful players in health insurance

Competitive intelligence on Blue Cross Blue Shield plans:

  • Membership growth and market share data
  • Spreadsheets on BCBS plan designs, premiums, enrollment
  • Explore Blues operations by market sector or region
  • Company contact information with address and telephone
  • Personnel moves and executive compensation
  • Quarterly comparisons of BCBS plans' key financial indicators (revenue, MLRs, etc.)
  • Your questions answered on BCBS structure and strategies
  • Subscription Includes:

    • 24/7 access to the online searchable Directory, Newsfeed and In-App downloads for two (2) users
    • Download full spreadsheets of BCBS competitive intelligence and mailing lists
    • Plan design details and premiums of BCBS plans operating on public exchanges
    • Detailed explanations of the history, structure and inner workings of BCBSA
    • Newsfeed of original reporting, interviews and articles by AIS business journalists
    • New insight and perspectives on Blue Cross and Blue Shield advantages and challenges

    Popular Use Cases:

    • Health industry executives can gain insight on how Blue Cross and Blue Shield organizations fit into the larger insurance industry

    • Market analysts can stay on top of growth and performance of the leading plans in every market

    • Health care lawyers and consultants can get quick access to BCBS positions on all health insurance topics

    • Providers can evaluate BCBS payers based on independent market research

    • Health plan strategists and consultants can track the latest innovations in reimbursement strategies of BCBS plans

    • Insurers can spot opportunities created by BCBS plans' market moves and developments

    • Industry observers and participants can read original, hard-hitting news articles on the country's most controversial and powerful health insurance organization

    Curated for:

    • Blue Cross and Blue Shield plan executives
    • Health insurance executives
    • State and federal regulators
    • Health care lawyers and consultants
    • Health plan designers and market strategists
    • Group practices and hospitals
    • Consumer advocacy groups

    Sources include:

    Enrollment data is from AIS's Directory of Health Plans, the industry's leading resource for health plan enrollment and market share data. Additional data and details are supplemented by AIS's Medicare and Medicaid Market Data, Health Insurance Exchange Database and AIS's Rx Benefit Data--pulling out the BCBS-specific information from each of BLU's sister databases.

    Newsfeed stories are written by AIS's staff reporters covering Blue Cross and Blue Shield plans and topics from our Washington, D.C. office. Articles are selected by the BLU Editorial Team from the constant stream of original reporting for our entire line of newsletters.

    Additional reports are prepared periodically throughout the year by AIS staff reporters and researchers specifically for BLU, including the quarterly Key Financial Indicators and the annual Executive Compensation reports on BCBS plans.

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