Medicare-Medicaid Dual Eligibles Database: Dual-Eligibles Data and a Wealth of Valuable Information at Your Fingertips

Enrollment Data and Market Share • Capitation • Opt-Out and Withhold Rates • Vendors • Star Ratings • Savings Data • Service Areas • Contact Information • News and Insights

Tracking the growth of all programs and plans serving the dual-eligible community in a comparative database

Easy-to-use, continually updated database allows you to quickly see a wealth of information on nearly 600 plans serving Medicare-Medicaid dual eligibles under a variety of programs. Included for each plan:

  • State or federal program it operates under — CMS duals demos, D-SNPs, PACE plans and state-level MLTSS plans
  • Insurer, plan name, plan type
  • Current enrollment, capitation rate, opt-out rate, withhold rates and savings targets
  • Contact information for plan (with phone and email)
  • Vendors for behavioral health and pharmacy benefit management
  • Star ratings
  • and much more . . .

Subscription Includes:

  • 24/7 access to this rich database and its wealth of supplementary information, updated regularly throughout the year.
  • Regular news feed of original AIS articles on duals programs, implementation challenges and results.
  • Excel spreadsheets of all currently contracted duals plans, month-over-month enrollment tracking, and details of all operating duals programs.
  • Email Alerts of breaking news in the field and updates to the database.
  • Full coverage of health plan market share, expansions and mergers in the duals space.
  • Support from AIS experts on how to understand and apply the data to your projects.
  • Memorandums of Understanding for all CMS-approved duals demos.

Popular Use Cases:

  • Health plans can assess which states may provide new opportunities to participate in either CMS-backed or states’ own duals initiatives.

  • Market-research managers can determine which states are farthest along in developing integration initiatives for duals and how that affects the public-sector markets for health plans.

  • Financial executives can see savings targets, withhold rates and capitation rates to assess whether duals plans are likely to achieve their — and government agencies’ — financial objectives.

  • Duals plan operators can track strategies and results of other duals plans in their own markets and in other states.

  • Behavioral-health companies and pharmacy benefit managers can find out what each duals program needs and already has done in those specialty areas.

  • Insurers’ contract negotiators can compare the provisions of the Memorandum of Understanding each plan in the federal duals demo has with both CMS and the state involved.

  • Pharmaceutical manufacturers can find out the potential market for their products in the new duals plans and contact information for plan officials.

  • Product developers can view opt-out rates and special program requirements that can help when designing future programs, including at the state level, for duals.

  • Compliance directors and attorneys can search laws and Memorandums of Understanding to ensure they understand and are obeying duals-program requirements.

Curated for:

  • Health plan executives
  • Government affairs and compliance directors
  • Product development executives
  • Managed care sales and marketing executives
  • Contracting and provider relations directors
  • Medical and clinical services directors
  • Accountants and actuaries
  • Provider and health system executives
  • Directors of managed care contracting
  • State health officials
  • Behavioral health providers
  • Pharmaceutical company executives
  • Financial analysts
  • Health care IT vendors
  • Attorneys and consultants

Sources include:

AIS editors cover the entire health insurance landscape to identify and track all programs and plans involved in serving dual-eligible populations. Sources currently include:

• Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS),

• State agencies with initiatives to coordinate dual-eligibles’ care and reimbursement,

• Health plans operating dual-eligibles plans,

• Vendors and consultants working with dual-eligibles plans

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