How To Use

To Use the Search Tool:

Initial Search

  1. To Select criteria, put your cursor in the box for the Field you want to select, and the available selections will drop down for you to choose. Or, just start typing the name of the criteria you want and your cursor will go to that letter.

  2. Select at least one criteria before hitting the SEARCH button. Fields with an asterisk (*) are Required Search Criteria. You must select at least one option from any Required fields.

  3. You may select as many options as are available for most Fields. Some Fields have limits on the number of criteria that may be selected in a single search.

  4. Where fields are not required, you may leave the search criteria blank to get the largest number of results possible--however you must select at least one criteria per search.

  5. Click the Search button. You will be taken to the Search Results page.

NOTE: Once you are in the search results, you will be in the Initial Results field group. Most AIS databases have several field groups, so go to Filter By at the top of the search results to access additional data fields.

If you do not get any records in your Search Results, that is because there are no records that match the criteria you selected. Try your search again with different criteria.

Refine Your Search Results

In the Search Results, you may:
1. Use the “Filter by:” drop-down at the top of the results, to select which portion of the data set you will view. Some AIS databases have many fields, and this allows you to view sections on your screen without too much scrolling.

  1. Remove a Criteria, just click the X on it at the top of the column, and the Search Results will adjust to the new Criteria. You will not be allowed to remove all Criteria from a Required field; in this case add a new criteria into the field before deleting your old criteria.

  2. If the Column Header says “Select Some Options,” you may add new Criteria to adjust your data selection.

  3. To Sort: Put your cursor next to the Field Name and click on it. The Search Results will automatically sort based on the field you are sorting. A small arrow will appear next to the Field Name that lets you know whether you are sorting in ascending or descending order. NOTE: Numeric fields will sort numerically (so you can rank your records from highest to lowest within your selection) and Text fields will sort alphabetically.

  4. To filter on a specific field, put your cursor into the Search box at the top of the column, and type a word. The Search Results will filter for records that have that word. For instance, to select phone numbers with a 718 area code, type "(718)" into the Telephone field. To clear these filters, delete them and then hit Return.

Print Results

  1. Once you have selected a data set you would like to print, click the Print button in the upper right-hand portion of the search results page. A new window will output a printer-friendly data display. This display will show only the group of fields indicated in the Filter By (at top of search results). NOTE: Printing is not available in all products or demos.

  2. To print ALL fields for a specific record, Click anywhere within the search results for the record you want, and then click on View Details when it appears. This will open a printable page displaying all information associated with that record.

Export Results

To export your data selection into Excel, click the Export button in the upper right-hand portion of the search results page. A CSV file will be downloaded to your device. Again, this will export only the group of fields indicated in the Filter By (at top of search results). To obtain an Excel file with the full data set as of the latest available date, see In-App Downloads. Some data sets may require an extra fee prior to downloading. NOTE: Exporting is not available in all products or demos.

See Also

Each AIS Data website has a Frequently Asked Questions link in the Utilities (bottom right) area of the dashboard. Read this for user tips specific to each database, and to find the applicable user support email address.

All data obtained from this website is subject to the Terms of your license agreement. For more information, click Terms in the utilities section of your dashboard.

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