2016 Data Is Now Available

It’s here! 2016 data is now posted for subscribers. Data reflects contracts being served during 2016. All In-App Downloads currently contain data from the new edition, and data in the search engine is updated to reflect the most recent figures.

New features for 2016 (online only):

Medicare FFS enrollment (aka traditional or original Medicare) is available at the national and state level under a record for Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.
Our ACO Directory is now included as a BONUS spreadsheet for Online DHP subscribers only (it’s not in the book), and it will be updated periodically throughout the year. Plus,
State-Level Enrollment by Insurer (where available) for the following categories:

 Individual
 Small-Group
 Large-Group
 Total Group Risk
 Public Exchanges
 Total Commercial Risk
 ASO/Self-Funded
 Medicare Advantage
 Medicaid HMO
 Dual-Eligibles
 Medicaid FFS
 Medicare FFS (original Medicare/CMS)
 Medicare Supplement
 Standalone PDP in State

The following files have already been uploaded for you under In-App Downloads:

Enrollment Data Spreadsheets. Enrollment data spreadsheets with 2016 data.
• Enrollment Field Hierarchy and Definitions. Definitions of each enrollment field included in AIS's Directory of Health Plans, with a graphical representation of how the different enrollment categories relate to one another and which enrollment fields add up to which.
Mailing Lists. Mailing list of health plan executives.
• Supplemental Spreadsheets. Supplemental spreadsheets of parent organizations, subsidiaries, Medicare plans and PDP plans related to the primary health insurance records in AIS's Directory of Health Plans.
Directory of Health Plans. PDF data report listing all health plans alphabetically, with contact and enrollment data as of the date shown.
MCO ID Master. For DHP users comparing DHP files on a year-over-year basis, this spreadsheet tracks all numbers assigned to health plan records in the MCO ID key field, starting with the first edition of AIS's Directory of Health Plans, published in 2004.
ACO Directory. BONUS Excel spreadsheet of accountable care organizations and other value-based contract agreements entered into by health plans listed in AIS’s Directory of Health Plans.

But we are not done! More PDF reports will be uploaded over the next week.

We expect to be very busy supporting new users to the website now that the data has been launched, so we ask for your patience should you contact us for assistance. Inquiries can be sent to DHPUserSupport@aishealth.com, which is manned by our data team. Please also use this email address if you have questions about health plan enrollment or suggestions for the content or operation of the DHP website. We want to hear from you!

While you sift through the data, don’t forget to check out our newsfeed, which will continue to follow developments involving mergers expected to close in 2016 and insurers’ market exits and expansions for 2017 and beyond.

The Editors