AIS's Directory of Health Plans Now Available Online!

The powerful enrollment database used for years by health industry leaders for accurate market-share analysis can now be accessed online. AIS's Directory of Health Plans, aka "the bible" of the health insurance industry, is now available as an online subscription product that incorporates market share data, analysis tools, industry news and updates and one-on-one user support from the AIS research team that compiles the data.

Starting with the 2016 edition — the 13th annual edition of this product — the publication date will shift from February to May, allowing researchers to capture year-end data and results of the fall open enrollment periods for public exchanges, Medicare Advantage and FEHBP. “We know our customers will ultimately appreciate the new publishing schedule because it makes perfect sense for the industry and the database. But we felt bad about asking them to wait several months longer to get the next update, so that’s why we decided to begin delivering data online. This way we can get them the data asap, with no lag time for production and printing,” explains Susan Namovicz-Peat, AIS’s Director of Directories & Databases.

The popular AIS’s Directory of Health Plans will continue to be available in its traditional formats as a printed book and CD-Rom/Flashdrive, shipping around the end of May each year. The new online format is just another option, “designed specifically for our high-end users who really make the most of what this powerful database has to offer,” says Namovicz-Peat. “We enjoy working with some of the best health market researchers in the country and they’re always pushing us for more detail, greater integrity, more utility — I know they’re going to appreciate this.”