April Update: 2017 Data Coming; 2016 Website Access Ends After April 30

DHP editors would like to remind users who have not purchased the 2017 edition that they will lose access to the DHP website and user support as of May 1. If you need to renew your subscription, please contact sales@aishealth.com to make sure you and your team don’t lose out on getting the latest data. All subscribers are encouraged to visit the DHP subscriber-only dashboard to download all 2016 data sets before they are removed.

Meanwhile, research for 2017 is winding down in the next few weeks. Mergers and acquisitions, market entrants and exits and insurer shifts to self-insured contracts are making huge impacts on 2017 enrollment and market share. We will send emails out to all licensed subscribers as soon as the 2017 data is posted to the site. Meanwhile, check the DHP newsfeed for more info on the enrollment shifts we are seeing in our research.

Be sure to follow the newsfeed for our analysis of industry uncertainty in 2017. Topics include the following:

Failed AHCA Brings Insecurity for Insurers

• Without GOP Action on Stalled ACA ‘Fix,’ Plans Are Left Anxious as ’18 Filing Nears
• With AHCA Dead, Insurers Brace for Threatened Exchange ‘Explosion’
• Amid Uncertainty, Mega-Merger Flameouts, Small M&A Deals Still Spark the Landscape
• Slower Growth for Carriers Is Only Certainty Amid Murky Outcome of ACA Repeal Efforts

CMS Release First Quarter Enrollment Figures for Exchanges, Medicare

• March MA Enrollment Jumps Nearly 38K From February
• CMS Releases Report, Data on 2017 OEP

States Ponder Potential Changes to Medicaid

• Illinois Medicaid Seeks to Expand Managed Care With Fewer MCOs
• Reconciliation Bills’ Proposed Medicaid Cuts Raise Big Questions for States, MCOs

All invited subscribers are welcome to email us at any time at DHPUserSupport@AIShealth.com for help or advice on using the data or the website. We are here to help you get the most value possible from this database. Please note that support from the DHP research team will be available only to licensed users of the current edition.