April Update: New Enrollment Data Coming Later This Spring

The AIS Data Team suggests that customers download Enrollment Data Spreadsheets, as well as any desired search outputs currently available on your subscriber dashboard. We will be refreshing the data later this spring, so be sure to grab the most recent while it’s available if you have ongoing need of data from this time period.

Researchers are uncovering many shifts and changes in the health insurance industry, from market and sector exits to expansions. We will make an announcement when we are about to update the data, so be sure to stay tuned to the dashboard so you know when a new upload is pending.

And don’t forget to keep an eye on the newsfeed, where recent coverage highlights changes in the health plan industry, including:

Proposed, Speculated Mega-Mergers Could Shift Market

• Amid Different Cultures, Walmart/Humana May Partner First
• Humana Plows Ahead Amid Speculation of Its Own Megadeals
• Cigna Deal Could Cost Express Scripts Some Health Plan Clients
• Overview of Express Scripts’ Clients
• Cigna-Express Scripts Deal Could Pose Quandary for Insurers

Insurers Tackle Challenges in Turbulent Industry

• Blues Plans Face Stiff Competition in 2019 Large Group Sales Season
• Experts Are Split on Value of Payers’ Diversification Moves
• As Provider-sponsored Plans Grow, They Face New Challenges

Public-Sector Plans Prepare for Changes Ahead

• Final Rate Notice Forecasts 3.4% Pay Boost, Advances EDS Use
• Medicaid Plans Brace for More Policy, Regulatory Changes
• MCOs Were Awarded Medicaid Managed Care Contracts in Arizona, Hawaii, Texas
• Cardinal, UHC Expand Housing Breaks for Medicaid Members

Marketplaces Steady Despite Political Turmoil

• CMS: 11.8M Enroll in Public Exchanges for 2018
• Insurers, Experts See Stabilizing ACA Individual Marketplaces