CO-OP’s Enrollment Data Adjusted in Search Tool and IAD

As more CO-OPs prepare to exit the industry, AIS editors have updated all the CO-OP enrollment data in DHP to reflect first-quarter 2016 results to the best of our ability.

We have updated the Online Search Tool as well as all of the Enrollment Data Spreadsheets available under In-App Downloads.

Some of this data was not yet available at the time our research cycle closed, but we wanted to make sure these numbers were the most up-to-date and comparative as many of these entities are in flux right now. The adjustments are relatively small, but this may be our last chance to report numbers for some of these entities so we wanted them to be as useful as possible for historical purposes going forward.

Note: In-App Downloads that have been updated since the original publication in May have dates on the Intro page, so you can tell when they were last updated. We encourage you to always download a fresh data set when you begin a new project to make sure you are using the cleanest data possible.

Please direct any questions to the research team.

The Editors