December Update: Third Quarter Data Posted; New BCBS Enrollment Report Available

The AIS Data Team has posted new data to the subscriber dashboard Online Search Tool and In-App Download Enrollment Data Spreadsheets. This data primarily reflects third quarter 2018 status.

Notable changes from the second quarter include the following consolidations and departures:

• Centene Corporation’s record (1543) now includes its acquisition of Fidelis Care (204), resulting in large gains in Centene’s New York Medicaid market.
• WellCare Health Plans, Inc.’s acquisition of Meridian Health Plans (251, 1713) is also now reflected in its record (206), resulting in sharp increases in WellCare’s Medicaid markets in Illinois and Michigan.
• InovaCares for Seniors (1668) has been removed because the program closed in November 2018.
• Missouri Medicare Select, LLC (1883), has been removed because the program closed in November 2018.
• The record for Peoples Health (590) has been consolidated into UnitedHealthcare post-acquisition.

In addition, program changes in state Medicaid programs resulted in shifts in Arizona, Colorado, New Jersey, Rhode Island and Washington.

The DHP Dashboard has been enhanced with a new In-App Download, BCBS Enrollment Data, which provides breakdowns of all BCBS plans at the plan level—including various Anthem entities.

Please visit the DHP Dashboard soon and read our ongoing coverage of the CVS/Aetna merger, public exchange enrollment activity and other hot topics. Look for additional enhancements to the DHP platform over the coming year. Best wishes for a happy and prosperous 2019!

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