DHP Examines Recent Market Moves That Will Impact Enrollment in 2017

Several recent developments will directly affect enrollment numbers in 2017. Molina Healthcare has agreed to purchase through all-cash transactions worth about $117 million “certain assets” related to Aetna’s and Humana’s Medicare Advantage (MA) businesses in 21 states covering approximately 290,000 members. Recently, the Dept. of Justice highlighted 364 counties in 21 states in which Aetna Inc. and Humana, Inc. must divest MA products in order to meet antitrust requirements for their pending merger to proceed. To take a closer look at the potential impact, DHP researchers have created a market share analysis of select counties in each state, available in the From The Editor section for subscribers that are logged in.

In addition, DHP has posted newsfeed stories about other market developments, including UnitedHealthcare’s planned purchase of Rocky Mountain Health Plans (RMHP). If the deal is approved, this move will affect RMHP’s 160,838 commercial and public sector Colorado members.

Finally, the Defense Dept.’s award of its East region TRICARE health benefits contract would shift approximately 2.9 million lives from UnitedHealthcare to Humana Inc. in 2017, while Centene Corporation would benefit from newly acquired subsidiary Health Net’s retention of its military contract. UnitedHealth and new bidder Anthem, Inc., are protesting the awards.

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