February Update: New Data Now Available, New and Discontinued Plans

The AIS Data Team has uploaded new data to the the Search Tool, as well as the In-App Download Enrollment Data Spreadsheets. The data is the latest available as of February, primarily reflecting third quarter 2017 status.

DHP welcomes a few new public-sector records to the database:
• 1119, State of California
• 1122, Mi Salud
• 1124, TRU Community Care
• 1128, Bluestem PACE
• 1931, Liberty Advantage
• 1923, Good Samaritan Insurance Plan of Nebraska, Inc.
• 1924, Good Samaritan Insurance Plan of North Dakota, Inc.
• 1925, Good Samaritan Insurance Plan of South Dakota, Inc.
• 1926, Imperial Health Plan of California
• 1927, Kansas Health Advantage
• 1928, SIMPRA Advantage, Inc.
• 1929, Spartan Plan PA, Inc.
• 1930, Spartan Plan VA, Inc.

And says R.I.P. to a few discontinued plans:
• 1164, Liberty Health Advantage
• 1558, Independence Care System (ICS)
• 1671, Minuteman Health
• 1740, Evergreen Health Cooperative, Inc.
• 1867, ZOOM+ Performance Health Insurance
• 1871, Federated Mutual Insurance Company

Additional adjustments were made to a few records due to duplication checks or lack of primary medical enrollment. The MCO ID Master In-App Download has been updated with this information for our first 2018 update.

The Editors