February Update: Public-Sector Dataset Features 2019 MA Plan Enrollment

The AIS Data Team has updated its monthly in-app download featuring public-sector enrollment data to the subscriber dashboard. This month’s update provides enrollment data for all public-sector plans and includes January 2019 enrollment for Medicare Advantage (MA) plans.

The following new insurers reported enrollment in the 2019 Medicare market:

• Valor Health Plan
• Lasso Healthcare
• American Health Advantage of Tennessee
• Doctors HealthCare Plans, Inc.
• Devoted Health
• CarePartners of Connecticut
• BayCare Health Plans
• Solis Health Plans
• Vitality Health Plan of California
• Longevity Health Plan

Note: The search engine and Enrollment Data Spreadsheets for the main DHP dataset will not be updated with this information until our next quarterly update. The public-sector download will be posted every month in the second half of each month.

The new year has gotten off to a busy start for health plans, with developments across the sectors. Check out the newsfeed for reporting on the following topics:

• Anthem Hits the Gas on Launch of In-House PBM IngenioRx
• Arizona Selects Centene for Prison Healthcare Contract
• Cigna Announces New Reporting Structure Following Express Scripts Acquisition
• With Work Requirements, More Than 18,000 People Lost Medicaid Coverage in Arkansas
• Experts: Medicaid Block-Grant Waivers Would Be Bad for MCOs
• UnitedHealth’s Solid Earnings Again Are Driven by Optum Unit
• MA Plans Face ‘Land Grab’ Year, Focus on ‘Sizzle’ Benefits
• Colorado Exchange Says Enrollments Are Up 3% Over 2018
• Centene Agrees to Buy QualChoice
• Medicaid Plans Face Busy Year of Procurements, Waivers

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