First-Quarter 2020 Data Posted; Reports Updated

The AIS Data Team has posted new data to the subscriber dashboard Online Search Tool and In-App Download Enrollment Data Spreadsheets. This data primarily reflects first-quarter 2020 status but includes some second-quarter 2020 data for Medicare Advantage, duals and some Medicaid data.

Most related in-app downloads and special reports now reflect the most recent data available. Keep an eye out next month for a detailed analysis of year-over-year changes.

Since the first quarter marks the beginning of a new plan year, there are many changes in the data reflecting market expansions and exits. In addition, the dataset is beginning to reflect the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly in the Medicaid space and the public exchange market.

Here are the most notable enrollment shifts since last quarter:

• Bright Health (#1894) was the biggest winner, percentage-wise, jumping 173%, almost 104,000 new members, via its entrance into five new public exchange markets. In addition, we added a new parent ID (#150) for Bright Health as a result of its acquisition of Brand New Day (#1380), which closed in May. The combined entities now have roughly 210K Medicare and public exchange members in a dozen states.
• Oscar Insurance Corporation (#1785) also made a strong showing, adding nearly 185K members via its entry into five new public exchange market and strong strides in its existing presence in California, Florida and Texas.
• Cigna Corporation (#1224) gained almost 300K members in risk-based plans, the largest jump among publicly traded companies. This increase resulted primarily from gains in commercial risk.
• As reported in its public filings, UnitedHealthcare (#1263) lost about 600K members, mainly in its commercial risk and ASO/self-funded categories; this decrease represents 1.34% of its overall membership, however.
• Dean Health Plan (#433) entered the Missouri individual market under its WellFirst brand, nabbing about 5,500 new members, mostly via the state public exchange.
• True Health New Mexico (#1939) entered the New Mexico individual market, with about 6,700 members.
• Christus Health Plan (#1692) entered the Louisiana individual market, but departed New Mexico.
• Medicaid enrollment in general is beginning to climb due to the COVID-19 pandemic: Gains in Kansas, Missouri, Nevada and Rhode Island were attributed to COVID by representatives from the state agencies reporting the data. Significant jumps were also seen in many other states.
• Per DHP’s annual survey of health plans, TRUSTED Health Plan (#1759) has been fully absorbed into CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield (#368), which acquired its D.C. Medicaid business in January 2020.
• As part of an effort to increase granularity for administrative services only/self-funded membership, ASO membership is now attributed for more than 275 state/insurer combinations. As part of this effort, we took a deeper dive into Anthem, Inc.’s (#1264) ASO membership and redistributed the state breakdown to reduce possible BlueCard host inclusion and more accurately reflect its commercial group membership by state. We also redistributed Aetna’s (#1359) ASO membership to reflect its group membership offerings.
• A problem with the sourcing in Ohio’s Medicaid enrollment reporting led to decreased membership numbers in the last quarterly update. After working with our health plan sources in Ohio, we were able to correct our enrollment data; the numbers are also beginning to increase as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In addition, we are still in the process of determining when to combine records for Centene Corporation (#1543) and WellCare Health Plans (#206). Because of state regulatory issues, the integration has hit a snag in Georgia, among other complications. We will continue to list both records separately under the Centene parent (#20), although we did incorporate WellCare’s New York Medicaid and public exchange membership under Centene, as the organization announced that all such members would now be under Centene’s Fidelis brand.

For this update, we added one new MCO: Dignity Health (#1984), a Medicare Advantage plan in Louisiana.

For this update, we discontinued the following new MCOs:

• State of Hawaii (#1622), because virtually all Hawaii Medicaid beneficiaries are now enrolled in managed care plans.
• TRUSTED Health Plan (#1759), because CareFirst, Inc. acquired its D.C. business in 2020 after Health Alliance Plan (177) acquired TRUSTED Health Plan's Michigan business in 2019.

Via the annual survey of health plans, two companies opted to change their names in this update:

• Health Alliance Medical Plans, Inc. (#315) became Health Alliance (fka Health Alliance Medical Plans, Inc.);
• Independence Blue Cross (IBC) (#470) is now Independence Blue Cross, LLC (Independence).

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