January Update: New Report Posted Comparing 3Q vs. 2Q Enrollment Trends

The AIS Data Team has posted two new reports to the In-App Downloads section of your subscriber dashboard. Enrollment Trends, 2Q2019 vs. 3Q2019, examines major changes in the third-quarter 2019 data since second-quarter 2019; this report will be updated in the weeks following each quarterly update.

Please note that there will be a longer lag time until the next update due to an extended wait time for the release of annual state filings. For the most current available public-sector enrollment data, don’t forget to keep an eye out on the Public-Sector Plan Enrollment In-App Download, updated monthly. The January update posted in a few weeks will reflect all new Medicare Advantage and Dual-Eligible plans with enrollment for 2020.

In the meantime, check out the newsfeed for 2020 outlooks on the industry, as well as developments in the Medicaid space. Recent headlines include:

• New Kentucky Governor Cancels, Rebids State’s Medicaid Contracts
• 2020 Outlook: Expect Push for Waivers, Medicaid Referendums This Year
• 2020 Outlook: M&A May Slow Somewhat, but Prime Targets Still Abound
• Molina, Navajo Nation to Partner on Managed Medicaid Program in New Mexico
• Blues Plans Work on Changes as National Carriers Gain Power
• UnitedHealth Agrees to Buy Troubled Specialty Pharmacy Firm Diplomat

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