July Update: DHP Updates 1Q2018 Data, Adjusts Reports

Late last month, the AIS Data Team uploaded new enrollment data, now available on your subscriber dashboard via the Search Tool and in the In-App Download Enrollment Data Spreadsheets. Since the initial update, we have made a few tweaks to the enrollment data and adjusted in-app downloads accordingly. Be sure to download a fresh copy of all datasets and reports each time you visit the site to ensure you’re using the latest data, which now primarily reflects first quarter 2018 status.

ICYMI: the AIS Data Team has made the following enhancements to this online edition:

• We evolved the methodology to identify potential areas of membership double-counting, particularly in the ASO/self-funded space, with special focus on eliminating BlueCard host membership.
• The data now features comprehensive ASO membership by state.
• Membership allocation for Blue Cross Blue Shield ASO enrollment now attributes all commercial membership of single-state BCBS plans to the main service area.
• The database now features public exchange enrollment data by state for all insurers participating on marketplaces in 2018.
• We have moved Pharmacy Benefit Manager, Specialty Pharmacy Provider and Behavioral Vendor affiliations into their own child tables (see the new In-App Download, Specialty Vendors and Affiliates).
• We added the PDF download, Integrated Delivery Networks Report.

In the meantime, the industry keeps churning out market moves and developments that will affect future updates, so don’t forget to keep an eye on the newsfeed, where recent headlines include:

• Bright Health to Double ACA Markets
• DOJ Set to Approve CVS Acquisition of Aetna
• ACA Exchanges See Lower Premiums, Few Exits for ’19
• Centene Finalizes Fidelis Acquisition; Humana Completes Kindred Deal
• Ky. Medicaid Ruling Leaves MCOs, States in Holding Pattern
• Kansas Awards Managed Medicaid Contracts for New Program

A reminder: DHP is no longer collecting names of key executives or plan contact names for this app. AIS Health’s contact data is now being tracked in a single product called MMIT Reach, a robust database of payer contacts that includes email addresses.