June Update: All Downloads Posted, New Report Added

DHP editors have posted all of the standard In-App Downloads containing data and supporting documentation for 2017. As we analyze the data, we have made numerous minor updates to the search engine data and spreadsheets, including a tweak to the fee-for-service Medicare data, which we made to eliminate potential overlap between FFS beneficiaries and members also enrolled in employer plans.

We will continue to alert you to any such significant changes, but we’d like to remind you to download a fresh spreadsheet when performing new analyses to be sure you’re using the most current data.

In addition, we have posted a new in-app download, DHP Analysis-Market Moves of Specific Organizations 2016-2017, a report that examines notable market changes we discovered in our research.

And even as we sift through the 2017 data, the health insurance industry is gearing up for a bumpy 2018. Check out the newsfeed for ongoing coverage of:

• 2018 marketplace exits and entrants (yes, there are some entrants)
• Health plan industry moves for 2018
• State Medicaid initiatives

Be sure to check out our Frequently Asked Questions for more insight into how the enrollment fields add up, how the counted medical lives compare with population, and info on how to apply the full capability of the database to your projects. We look forward to your questions and feedback via the user support email.

The Editors