June Update: First-Quarter 2019 Data Posted; Reports Updated

The AIS Data Team has posted new data to the subscriber dashboard Online Search Tool and In-App Download Enrollment Data Spreadsheets. This data primarily reflects first-quarter 2019 status; all related in-app downloads and special reports now reflect the most recent data.

In addition, since our last update:

• A refinement in our methodology for UnitedHealthcare (#1263) resulted in the ability to attribute all enrollment to a state, primarily affecting group-risk enrollment. Texas, Florida, California, Missouri and Arizona saw the largest group-risk increases because of this development. Consequently, we have removed Column C (enrollment not attributed to states) in 1.2-State Totals in the Enrollment Data Spreadsheets workbook.
• Following expansions in several states, Bright Health (#1894) increased its enrollment by nearly 80% in the first quarter, primarily in the individual market.
• The Virginia managed Medicaid market continue to grow in the wake of the state’s expansion efforts; overall enrollment in the state increased 7%.

Notable changes from the fourth quarter include the following consolidations and departures:

• Physicians Plus Insurance Corporation (#99) ceased offering risk-based plans in 2019.
• Timber Products Manufacturers Trust (#1252) was removed because its enrollment is already counted in ASO/self-funded figures for Premera Blue Cross and LifeWise Health Plan.
• Enrollment for Catholic Special Needs Plan, LLC/ArchCare Advantage (#1318) is now included under GHI, an Emblem Health company, which operates the PACE plan.
• Riverside PACE (#1327) stopped offering PACE services in late 2018.
• Premier Health Plan (#1860) ceased marketing commercial plans in 2019.
• West Virginia Family Health Plan, Inc. dba West Virginia Family Health (#1864) is now fully owned by Highmark Health; the Medicaid plan will end June 30, 2019.

For this update, we added one new MCO: Aspirus Arise Health Plan (#1976), a Wisconsin-based insurer previously included under Arise Health Plan's record (440), is now its own record after Aspirus Health Care took full ownership of the health plan.

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