March Update: Open Enrollment Results Posted; 2017 Research Cycle in Full Swing

DHP editors have posted a new report on your DHP subscriber-only dashboard entitled 2017 Open Enrollment Results. Compiled from news releases and data researched by DHP sister database PBX, Health Insurance Exchange Database, the report details enrollment figures for all 51 public exchanges as of Jan. 31 – the end of the 2017 open enrollment period. The report is available now as a new in-app download.

The downloadable PDF contains a table of the latest available public exchange enrollment reported for each exchange, along with a list of insurers participating on exchanges in each state for 2017. For each state, both 2017 and 2016 enrollment figures are listed, as well as the overall year-over-year percentage change.

DHP editors are also hard at work researching AIS’s Directory of Health Plans: 2017 Edition. We will post 2017 data in May, at which point we will remove the 2016 data. Be sure to download any 2016 data and downloads you want to keep. We will continue to post reminders as our publishing date approaches.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on the newsfeed for analysis of how the ACA replacement plan will affect insurers. Recent stories cover the following topics:

Health Insurance Industry Reacts to ACA Replacement Plan

• Health Plan Industry Offers Tepid Response to Republicans’ ACA ‘Repeal and Replace’
• What Role Will Carriers Play in Trump’s ACA Replacement Plan?

Exchange Business Unstable in 2017 and Beyond

• Rhode Island Exchange Sees Decline, Technical Problems
• Exchanges Are More Volatile Than Viable
• Oscar Insurance Corp. Lost Nearly $205M on 2016 Products
• Humana to Withdraw From Individual Market, Public Exchanges in 2018

Mergers and Acquisition Activity and Forecasts

• UnitedHealthcare Finalizes Acquisition of Rocky Mountain Health Plans
• With Major Insurers Single, Are MA Sponsors Willing to Mingle?
• Death of Merger Mania Gives Way to New Reality for Health Plans’ Growth Strategies

Public-Sector Developments

• Virginia Chooses Six MCOs to Lead New Duals Effort
• CMS February Data Show MA Enrollment Surpassed 19.5 Million

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