November Update: Market Shifts as Open Enrollment Begins, Insurers Report Earnings

As we gear up for the New Year, AIS editors would like to make you aware of market shifts and changes, as well as major news items impacting the 2017 outlook. Check out our newsfeed for more on our mixed bag of a third quarter, growth in the Medicare sector and the questionable fate of the Affordable Care Act in a Trump-led administration.

A new In-App Download is now available on the website. Profiles of the Eight Largest Health Insurers: 2016 features data reports on the nation’s eight largest health insurers – UnitedHealthcare, Anthem, Inc., Aetna, Health Care Service Corp., Cigna Corp., Centene Corp., Kaiser Permanente and Humana, Inc. AIS used data from DHP and all its sister websites to compile this report.

Keep up with the Newsfeed for more updates on 2017 exchange developments, as well as news on hotly contested mega-mergers as the Anthem-Cigna antitrust trials draw closer. Recent topics include:

Latest Market Moves and Developments

• Oscar to Cut 31 Jobs in New York and Move Them to Arizona
• S&P: 2017 Exchange Enrollment Will Remain Flat or Decline Slightly
• Most Minnesota Carriers Will Limit 2017 Exchange Enrollment
• Few Blues Plans Intend to Sell Standardized QHP on Exchange
• Anthem Threatens to ‘Modify’ Exchange Presence
• Bedfellows Anthem, Cigna Report Mixed 3Q Results as Medicaid, ACA Soften Profit
• Minnesota Exchange Sees Uptick After Carriers Cap 2017 Enrollment
• Anthem Threatens Pullout; Carriers Push for Risk-Adjustment Change

Medicare and Medicaid Updates

• ’17 Market Snapshot: Rivalry Stays Hot in Pa. as MA Plans Grow Areas, Lower Costs
• Centene, WellCare Subsidiaries Win Missouri Medicaid Contracts
• Judge Throws Shade on Anthem, Cigna for Odd Requests as Antitrust Trials Near
• Centene Assures Wall Street on Health Net; Aetna Says Government Segment Is Strong
• Horizon Introduces MA D-SNP
• Where ACA, Medicaid Businesses Lag, MA Growth Picks Up Slack

Legal and Policy Issues

• Anthem, Cigna Must Turn Over Documents to DOJ in Ongoing Merger Case
• Trump, Congress May Not Get Full Repeal, but Obamacare Will Unravel Without It