September Update: DHP Editors to Make Updates in the Coming Weeks

Your DHP editors would like to let you know that several updates will be coming in the next few weeks. There have been several changes in enrollment resulting from substantial contract shifts and corrections, as well as new health plan executives and updated PBM contract information.

We will articulate the specific changes in next month’s letter, but in the meantime, we wanted to remind you to download fresh Enrollment Data spreadsheets each time you visit the website to ensure you are using the most current information.

NOTE: DHP and its sister database, MMM: AIS’s Medicare and Medicaid Market Data, will be exhibiting at AHIP’s National Conferences on Medicare, Medicaid and Duals, Sept. 24-28 in Washington, DC. Susan Namovicz-Peat and Carina Belles will be attending and look forward to seeing a few of our subscribers who are involved in public-sector programs.

Also, be sure to check out the DHP Newsfeed, which has recently covered the following topics affecting the 2018 landscape:

• Study: Uninsured Rates Have Increased Slightly in Most Subgroups
• CareSource Agrees to Cover Last Bare ACA Ohio County
• As RFPs Roll Out, Competition Is Healthy Among Medicaid MCOs
• For Medicaid Revamp, Illinois Selects Six MCOs....Aetna Isn’t One
• Montana Health CO-OP Resumes Accepting New Enrollees After Hiatus
• CMS Extends Plans’ 2018 Filing Deadline, Pitches Formula Changes If CSR Pay Is Lost

If haven’t used DHP in a while, check out our Frequently Asked Questions for more insight into how the enrollment fields add up, how the counted medical lives compare with population, and info on how to apply the full capability of the database to your projects.