September Update: Second-Quarter 2020 Data to Be Posted Later This Month

DHP researchers are currently compiling and auditing second-quarter 2020 data, which we expect to post to your subscriber dashboard late this month. Be sure to download any first-quarter 2020 reports this month.

When the new data is posted, it will primarily reflect second-quarter 2020 status, including commercial market and Medicaid shifts due to COVID-19. We will alert you later this month when the new data is posted.

And keep an eye on the newsfeed for the latest market developments, including:

COVID-19 Impact on Insurers

• Many COVID-19 Cost-Sharing Waivers Are Set to Expire
• Report Finds Pandemic-Related Insurance Change May Be Less Widespread Than Anticipated
• Health Plans Face Uphill Battle to Reach Newly Uninsured

Second-Quarter Financial Results

• MCOs Posting 2Q Earnings Saw Satisfactory Gains in MA
• Sky-High 2Q Profits Train Spotlight on Health Insurers
• CVS’s Aetna Unit Gets Big Boost From Utilization Decline
• Humana Touts Home Care Deals, Sees COVID Earnings Boost

Market Expansions and Exits

• Aetna, Cleveland Clinic to Offer Co-Branded Employer Plans
• New Mexico Health Connections to Cease Operations in 2021
• Oscar Plans Expansion Into Four New States

State Medicaid Developments

• With Work Requirement Pending, Nebraska Medicaid Expansion Rolls On
• Ballot Initiatives Show Divide Between Voters, Legislators on Medicaid Expansion
• MO Voters Pass Medicaid Expansion; Will Other States Follow?

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