Third-Quarter 2019 Data Posted; Reports Updated

The AIS Data Team has posted new data to the subscriber dashboard Online Search Tool and In-App Download Enrollment Data Spreadsheets. This data primarily reflects third-quarter 2019 status.

The majority of related in-app downloads and special reports now reflect the most recent data available. Keep an eye out in early January for a detailed analysis of changes since the second-quarter update. In the meantime, here are a few notable shifts since last quarter:

• We have corrected a miscalculation in Humana Inc.’s (#1109) ASO/self-funded enrollment that resulted in a disproportionate number of members attributed to Connecticut. We recalculated all Humana’s ASO state enrollment to correct this error.
• All four of Georgia’s managed Medicaid insurers – WellCare Health Plans (#206), Anthem, Inc. (#1264), Centene Corporation (#1543) and CareSource (#257) – saw enrollment jumps ranging from 5.5% to 8%, a total of almost 83,000 new members. The state has recently begun discussing a partial Medicaid expansion, but has not enacted any changes yet.
• Three states increased their Medicaid fee-for-service enrollment by more than 10%: Michigan (#1642), Missouri (#1644) and Washington (#1658).

For this update, we added three new MCOs:
PACE Central Michigan Inc. (#1978), a joint partnership between Presbyterian Villages of Michigan and Michigan Masonic Home, launched in 2019, bringing PACE services to central Michigan;
ICHS PACE (#1979), launched in 2019 by International Community Health Services, bringing PACE services to King County in Washington state; and
PACE of the Ozarks (#1994), serving Washington, Benton and portions of Madison counties in Arkansas.
Each new MCO this update is provider-sponsored. DHP would like to note that the MCO ID numbering gap between ICHS PACE and PACE of the Ozarks results from assigning new MCO IDs to upcoming 2020 Medicare Advantage plans that do not have effective enrollment until Jan. 1, 2020. These new MCOs will likely appear in the January 2020 Public-Sector Plan Enrollment IAD.

While DHP did not discontinue any records for this update, we created a new parent/owner, Louisiana Health Service & Indemnity Company (Owner ID #144) to reflect its 2019 acquisition of Vantage Health Plan (#351), in addition to its current ownership of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana. Parents/owners are created when an entity owns more than one insurer included in this database.

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