Welcome to AIS’s Directory of Health Plans 2017!

If you are accessing the DHP dashboard today, thank you for purchasing the 2017 edition of AIS’s Directory of Health Plans—Online version. The search tool is currently populated with 2017 data. Please note that we may continue to refine this over the next few days or weeks, or at other points throughout the year when major changes occur in the industry.

One change: Medicare supplement enrollment is no longer included in the total Commercial Risk and/or Total Medical Enrollment fields. Where these members are identified, we have backed that figure out of those totals at the State Level for the online version, since this overlaps regular Medicare beneficiaries listed in insurer records and also in the CMS record, which has traditional FFS Medicare enrollment. Please note this if you are comparing the Commercial Risk sector to prior years.

In-App Downloads currently available apply to the 2017 edition and reflect the data and structure from 2017. It may take us a day or two to get all of the spreadsheets ready and uploaded to the site. Thank you for your patience as we continue to output this data into the formats you are accustomed to.

Also coming soon: Analyses and observations from the AIS research team, which has just completed this enormous compilation. The changes in enrollment compared to last year were very interesting and we can’t wait to share our insights with you.

The Editors