Welcome to AIS's Directory of Health Plans Demo Dashboard

This demo database has been created with pretend data designed to simulate the live version of AIS's Directory of Health Plans, now populated with brand-new 2016 data. The data provided in the online search tool below is an approximate simulation the amount of data provided in the live database, and is designed to resemble the look and utility of the real database. The Newsfeed and In-App Downloads appear as in the live version of this product, but access is limited for non-subscribers.

You are invited to play around with the search tool to see how it works to select plans based on different criteria. Be sure to explore the Filter By function at the top of your search results, to view all the available fields. View the enrollment filters to see the many different enrollment fields collected by AIS, and scroll to the bottom of the page to see how the search tool calculates enrollment totals for each different category for the plans you have selected. Additionally, click near the top of any column to sort it, and click again to sort in reverse order.

Check out the utilities in the bottom right portion of the Dashboard for more information about how to search, sort, export and print selections (note: printing and exporting is not available in the demo version). And please read the Field Definitions, Methodology, Sitemap and Terms to help you understand how simple it is for you and your team of up to 10 people to do market share analysis using AIS's Directory of Health Plans' new Online Version.

Click here to order online for immediate access, or contact Bailey Sterrett at bsterrett@aishealth.com.